Project SHOUT: Shouting About Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The National Campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning

Our vision is for everyone to be talking about the effects of carbon monoxide.

We want people to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and the importance of regular maintenance on all fuel-burning appliances such as gas cookers, gas grills and boilers, in addition to encouraging people to get their chimneys swept annually and to buy carbon monoxide alarms.

households in the UK could be at risk from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning
tonnes of barbecue charcoal is bought every year in the UK
people in the UK go camping on a regular basis

Why was Project SHOUT launched?

Project SHOUT was created after hearing Stacey Rodgers’ story and realising that so much more needs to be done to make people aware of both the life threatening dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and also of the low cost solution that could save lives.

people go to A&E with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning
people are hospitalised
estimated deaths in England and Wales due to carbon monoxide poisoning

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning by supporting our campaign!

Project SHOUT is supported by FireAngel and AngelEye safety products – if you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm, please buy one today, see our buying guide for more information. You can support the cause too by shouting about our campaign – pledge your support by sharing on your social media feed and help us save lives today.

Visit our social media sites and show your support by following, liking and subscribing to our channel!

We’ve created a useful poster and informative factsheets for you to download to help shout about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Download here

To watch the Project SHOUT TV advert and to hear Louise and Stacey’s stories in full, visit the stories page, with exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

For more information on the dangers of CO and advice on how to keep yourself and your family safe see our advice sections below.

What is CO

Many people aren’t aware of carbon monoxide poisoning because they don’t know what carbon monoxide actually is. Find out how CO is produced and why it is so dangerous.

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CO Safety

Although carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous, there are precautions you can take in your home to reduce your risk and to protect yourself.

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Common sources of CO

There are many potential sources of carbon monoxide both in and around your home, improve your safety and find out the most common sources of carbon monoxide.

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At-risk groups

Carbon monoxide is dangerous to everyone however, certain groups are more vulnerable to its effects than others.

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What to do in a CO event

If a CO leak occurs, it is important you and your family know what actions to take to ensure you survive this poisonous gas.

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Where to buy CO alarms

To find out where you can purchase a certified, reliable carbon monoxide alarm from.

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